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Orthotics Spring Hill

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Foot orthotics in Spring Hill

Orthotics Spring Hill
Orthotics Spring Hill

Foot orthotics are devices that are worn to correct foot and ankle problems without the need for surgery. Orthotics Spring Hill can include foot pads, shoe inserts or ankle braces. Orthotic treatment can sometimes start with off the shelf orthotics and progress if the patient’s symptoms and condition require it.

If you’re looking for an exceptional podiatrist who can handle your Orthotics Spring Hill needs, you’re in the right place. Our outstanding doctor, Donald J. Adamov, DPM is a highly qualified foot and ankle surgeon has ten years of experience. Dr. Adamov has extensive training in the latest, most advanced techniques. He is a Fellow of the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons and is board certified by the American Board of Podiatric Surgery. Dr. Adamov co-authored two chapters of a book that is used to educate future podiatrists and is used by current podiatrists world-wide as a valuable reference. Most importantly, Dr. Adamov is a very gentle and caring physician. Our expert at Adamov Podiatry is fully equipped to help you and your entire family with their orthotic needs. He not only helps adult patients with orthotics but pediatric patients as well. In fact, we have Little Steps Orthotics at our practice. Little Step Orthotics is the latest development in prefabs for children from 7-11 years old who suffer from conditions such as flat feet, toe-walking, foot alignment and other common pediatric foot problems. Aside from orthotics, our practice offers many other exceptional services including: ankle sprains, bunions, flat feet, hammertoes, heel spurs, corns, athlete’s foot, digital x-rays, PADnet testing and fall prevention technology. We encourage you to come in for a consultation, so you can meet our expert podiatrist and learn about the various ways he can help you and your family.

Contact our office to book your Orthotics Spring Hill consultation today. Our doctor and the rest of our team at Adamov Podiatry look forward to meeting you very soon.

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