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Treating Common Ankle Problems in Shady Hills

Possibly the most vulnerable part of your foot is the ankle. As a result, there are various ankle problems that can arise. If and when they do, our Shady Hills ankle doctor, Donald J. Adamov, DPM is your specialist for getting the effective treatment you need.

Among ankle problems, sprains are the most common. Every single day in America, approximately 25,000 ankle sprains occur. If you’re an athlete, it’s more likely you will sustain one, but you most certainly do not have to be playing sports to need the help of our Shady Hills ankle doctor. It’s all too easy to lose your balance, land the wrong way, or slip and fall. In addition to sprains, which affect your ligament, muscle tissue can become strained, or a tendon may get inflamed, which is tendinitis. Even more concerning, you might fracture a bone in your ankle. A full separation of bone is usually noticeable, but a hairline fracture may be mistaken for a ligament sprain or a muscle strain. The best thing to do is come in and see our Shady Hills ankle doctor for an accurate diagnosis, which may require the taking of x-rays for a conclusive determination. The way that the problem is treated is going to depend on which part of your ankle was impacted and how severe it is. In more mild cases, simple rest could be enough. Other treatment possibilities include ice to reduce swelling, compression (bandaging), a cast, anti-inflammatory medication, injections, and surgery. The good news is that the more quickly you get the expert help you need, the less chance there is of the remedy being more complicated, and the more quickly you are likely to get back to 100%.

For any ankle pain or problem, reach out and let us schedule you for an appointment at our office.

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