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Shady Hills Foot Surgeon

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Foot surgery in Shady Hills

Shady Hills foot surgeon
Shady Hills foot surgeon

Foot health is not often at the forefront of people’s minds, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t worth considering or thinking about. There are so many factors that play into your overall foot health and there are many things in your everyday life that can contribute how well your feet actually are. From the shoes you wear to the places you go, there are so many things that can lead to foot problems like pain, deformities and even injuries. Here with our Shady Hills foot surgeon, Donald J. Adamov, DPM, you can have foot problems accurately diagnosed and given the proper treatment.

Foot surgery isn’t always needed, but it can be required or recommended when a particular condition becomes severe enough. Foot surgery can be used to rectify damage sustained during an injury, to alleviate heel pain, or to correct deformities like bunions and hammertoes. When it comes to foot health, it helps to pay close attention to the way your feet feel every day and to make sure that you are always wearing appropriate footwear depending on what you happen to be doing. In many cases, other forms of treatment may be implemented first before resorting to surgery, which is often the case with deformities or chronic pain. Since some people experience satisfaction or healing with other methods of care, whether it be the use of orthotics or by going to physical therapy, these alternatives are often explored first. In more severe cases or when treatments like these prove to be unsuccessful, surgery is another option. Our Shady Hills foot surgeon, Donald J. Adamov, DPM, can take a look at whatever is bothering you and create a completely custom treatment plan and surgical road map that will address your unique needs.

If you are experiencing foot problems or pain, or if you have exhausted all other methods of care for things like bunions and hammertoes, then you should visit our Shady Hills foot surgeon. Call us to schedule your visit with Donald J. Adamov, DPM today.

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