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Foot surgery in Shady Hills

Shady Hills foot surgeon
Shady Hills foot surgeon

If you are experiencing some type of foot pain, and you may need foot surgery, you should visit us at Donald J. Adamov, DPM, the office of our Shady Hills foot surgeon; Dr. Donald J. Adamov is a highly trained foot and ankle physician and surgeon who has been helping patients at our private practice for over 10 years.

Our Shady Hills foot surgeon provides patients with a full range of clinical podiatry care. Our foot doctor is able to treat a wide variety of foot and ankle conditions which can include ingrown toenails and heel pain, as well as provide complete diabetic foot evaluations and care. Our practice is open to patients of all ages. When surgical care is needed to solve a foot problem, our podiatrist will provide the service using the most modern technologies and techniques. Foot surgery can be used to fix many different foot problems including: bunions; hammertoes; ingrown toenails; but trauma; wart; and many other foot problems. However, our foot surgeon will always try to go with the most conservative treatment first so that patients do not need to undergo unnecessary surgery. Many foot problems can avoid being treated with surgery if they are treated early. For example, if you have a rigid hammertoe, it will most likely need surgery in order to be corrected. However, if you first come to our foot care practice when the hammertoe is flexible, our foot doctor will probably be able to treat the hammertoe so that it does not become worse and develop into a rigid hammertoe. Similarly, if you come to see our foot doctor when your bunion first becomes painful, he will most likely be able to provide treatment to reduce pressure on the bunion and thereby keeping it from getting larger.

For an appointment to see our expert foot doctor, or if you need the services of a highly regarded Shady Hills foot surgeon, contact us today.

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