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Shady Hills Foot Surgery
Shady Hills Foot Surgery

Our Shady Hills foot surgery, though not the first option in most cases, can be just what you need when non-invasive methods have proven to be either ineffective or insufficient to manage your pain. We understand that when your foot or ankle hurts, it affects everything in your daily life. There are very few things that you do that don’t require being on your feet sooner or later. And unfortunately, there are issues that can cause you foot pain not just when you’re on your feet, but even while you’re at rest. Dr. Adamov wants you to experience relief from your pain so that you can resume your normal routine. For any foot pain or problem, call us and schedule an examination.

Bunions and hammertoes are good examples of foot conditions that may benefit from our Shady Hills foot surgery. Bunions are tiny protrusions that are found at the base of the big toe, just where the joint attaches to the rest of the foot. Not all bunions are painful, though. They can often be treated with a few simple lifestyle adjustments, like more supportive and comfortable footwear or putting arch supports or bunion pads inside your existing shoes. Hammertoes, which can also occur as a consequence of bunions, are the result of your toe flexing into a bent position and becoming stuck there. Two types of hammertoe that can happen are flexible, which generally do not require surgery. It is rigid hammertoes that will nearly always require a surgical answer.

Our Shady Hills foot surgery can also be helpful in the treatment of ankle or heel deformities as well as the setting of fractures of the foot or ankle. When you do require surgery as the way to manage a foot or ankle problem, you can feel 100% confident that Dr. Adamov has the high level of skill and experience to do the job safely, effectively, and with as little pain and healing time as possible for you. Don’t ignore foot pain. It is usually an indication of circumstances that are demanding attention. It won’t just go away on its own.

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