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Bunion treatment in Shady Hills

Shady Hills podiatry office
Shady Hills podiatry office

Bunions are small, bony protrusions. They appear at the base of the big toe, at the point where the joint attaches to the rest of the foot. These small formations need treatment, since they can start off as uncomfortable and eventually become quite painful. You may find it difficult to walk or to even put on your shoe. Our Shady Hills podiatry office will not only offer relief for your existing bunion, but advice for how to prevent future recurrences.

What is the cause of a bunion? It’s too much pressure on the big toe joint as the result of poorly-fitting shoes, the way you walk, or having flat feet. And because women more commonly wear shoes with high heels and/or are tight around the toe area, bunions are more likely to affect them than men. Some solutions are very simple and obvious. For example, switch to more comfortable, roomy footwear. That’s always a smart move, but bunion treatment will often require more than that from our Shady Hills podiatry office, especially if you are suffering from moderate to severe bunions. In many instances, the best approach is to have you wear bunion pads or arch supports. They help by redistributing your weight so that there is less of it landing on the big toe joint. And this results in you experiencing relief from the pain of bunions. If you’re wondering, surgery is generally not considered an option necessary for bunion treatment. However, if your situation is particularly extreme, and non-invasive methods have proven to be ineffective or insufficient to achieve the needed results, then it may be the only option left. If so, you can count on our Shady Hills podiatry office for gentle, expert care.

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