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Spring Hill Foot Deformities

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Foot deformities in Spring Hill

Spring Hill foot deformities
Spring Hill foot deformities

Your feet just don’t feel the way they used to. Soft. Pain-free. Not tender. In place of that, there’s a large growth causing all kinds of discomfort every time you step foot…anywhere. It’s getting so uncomfortable that sometimes you’d rather just stay put to avoid bearing any weight on it. But inhibiting yourself is no way to go about life. Get your feet back to a painless stride. Whether its bunions or hammertoes, get these Spring Hill foot deformities treated at Donald J. Adamov’s office.

Pinpointing the root cause of bunions is surprisingly easier said than done—as it can be attributed to any number of contributors. Genetic predisposition is suspected to lay the foundation for complications down the road and lifestyle choices help nurture the growth of these enlargements. Over pronation afflicting your feet? This condition skyrockets the chances of developing bunions. Unusual biomechanics can also cause the phalangeal joint (located within the metatarsal) to become highly unstable. Although footwear isn’t known for causing bunions, it is still advised to steer clear of anything that fits too snugly as it can exacerbate painful symptoms. Other (less common) contributors to the bunion life include: trauma (sprains, nerve injuries, and fractures), neuromuscular disorders (Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease or polio), and limb-length discrepancies (uneven leg length). It’s not enough to guesstimate the cause of bunions. It’s important to leave that up to a professional who can make a thorough and accurate assessment. Reach out to one—like Donald J. Adamov. And finally shape-up those Spring Hill foot deformities.

Sound good? Our patients certainly think so. Now all you have to do is step up to the plate and swing—figuratively speaking. Pick up your phone and reach out to Donald J. Adamov. And get your feet in prime condition by visiting us to treat Spring Hill foot deformities.

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